Our volunteers from all over the country help us “create hope” and their efforts mean so much for so many.

Patricia R., Lilburn, GA - I think this is one of the most amazing organizations there is. Giving HOPE to those who need it most. Giving a surprise gift that has a special meaning to so many people is awesome. Also, being a volunteer is therapeutic and a blessing to be able to do something that helps others and gives HOPE to those who need it.

Linda D., State University of New York, Oneonta, NY - SUNY Oneonta is looking forward to spreading Hope through our Freshmen Service and Transfer student project! We are ready to create hope for others while forming a connection with new friends!

Gina M., Doylestown, PA - Hearts of Hope is an amazing organization doing amazing work. Now more than ever our world needs hope!

Andrea W., New York Life - Hearts of Hope is a great organization… Thank you…for coming to Orlando to assist with bringing our community up again. You are welcome anytime.

Chimayo Gallery, Perkasie, PA - This [Paint with a Purpose Event] was a great time and we look forward to many more!! Thank you, Hearts of Hope!

Mary H., Yorktown, VA - Thank you for providing us with the platform to spread hope and touch so many lives.

Tuesday's Children, New York, NY - Thank you for being such a great partner.

Lisa B., Sandy Hook, CT - I cannot thank this organization enough for the love and support these last few months from your loving hearts to the loving people. It is my pleasure to spread your message and to bring hope to others …

Sandi L., Orange County Regional History Center, Orlando, FL - Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be part of your wonderful project. I still have the heart I received for the Pulse tragedy here next to me…


Our Volunteers Love This Program