Hearts of Hope is a movement of hope accomplished through healing art for the benefit of those in need. Our program is nearly all volunteer-driven by those who wish to “pay it forward.” Our volunteers are often people “who have been there” and have experienced life-altering challenges of their own.

Our Mission

Our mission is a simple one - to provide service to those who experience trauma and loss through art, educational workshops, and healing outreach.

“One of the most remarkable things I have witnessed through our volunteers is their strength. Often, volunteers will create a healing gift for another with tears in their eyes, but always with a strong desire to offer caring and compassion.” Judy Pedersen, Founder and Director

In the words of one of our volunteers, these “tangible prayers” have reached more than 92,000 people in hospitals, cancer centers, the military and communities like Newtown, Boston, Charleston and Orlando.

Our Vision

Our vision is a sustainable environment of hope to all touched by our programs.

Our commitment

To foster our vision through respect, responsibility and compassionate awareness of the needs of our populations

Our Invitation

Join us - pay it forward to those in need - enjoy the unending benefits of selfless outreach - have fun!


What is the Mission of Hearts of Hope?


Hearts of Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to "creating hope...one heart at a time" ©2018 Hearts of Hope Foundation, Inc.

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