For weeks leading up to the April 12 delivery of more than 2000 Hearts of Hope, hundreds of volunteers all across the country were painting hearts while the Leadership Team prepared for the journey to Stoneman Douglas High School to deliver these individual messages of love, compassion and hope. There were countless efforts, large and small from police stations, universities, elementary schools, Paint with A Purpose events and many more, sending a huge message of hope to the families and communities in Parkland who were so devastated by the horrific events of February 14th. Tremendous coordination and planning resulted in an emotionally charged special day. Everyone experienced the full gamut of the pain that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has experienced. People laughed, cried, hugged and embraced throughout the delivery process. Amazing people stepped forward everywhere. The Leadership Team made a brief visit to the Broward County Sheriff's Department and expressed their thoughts and appreciation to the First Responders. They were grateful they were included in the visit visit and were so happy to receive the hearts.  Physically, it was the second largest delivery of Hearts of Hope in the foundation's 17 year history second only to the Sandy Hook event and this delivery sent the total number of hearts delivered to 91,402!

This effort by The Hearts of Hope Foundation and its supporting chapters in Newtown, CT, Stratford, CT and North Jersey, symbolized the support and love to the faculty, students and families of all who were and still are involved in this tragedy. May we all seize the moment and just be good to each other. Our world will be a much better place.

More than 2000 Hearts of Hope delivered to Stoneman Douglas High School

Efforts of hundreds bring total hearts delivered to 91,402!

The photos below are just a tiny sampling of volunteers around the country who participate in our Movement of Hope. It is a special group of caring people.  To learn how you can get involved, send us an email at info@ourheartsofhope.org and we will be pleased to get back to you.