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Immaculate Heart Academy, University of Bridgeport and Saint Joseph's University are several locations where Hearts of Hope events and clubs will begin in the fall. If you might be interested in starting your own Chapter or Club, it's easy and very rewarding for all involved. Please call 973.224.6900 or email us at info@ourheartsofhope.org


Eli Whitney Elementary School Welcomes New Kindergarteners With a Gift of Hope

During the 2017-2018 school year, the 6th grade parents at Eli Whitney Elementary School in Stratford, CT, sponsored their children's classes so that they could paint Hearts of Hope.  They did this with the intent of creating and leaving these hearts as a legacy for the incoming kindergarten class in September.

The Santiago Abut Foundation, Camp Erin and

Hearts of Hope partner to help grieving youngsters

A unique three way partnership has resulted in the summer's delivery of more than 500 Hearts of Hope to campers at three of The Moyer Foundation's Camp Erin® locations in Albany, Boston and Baltimore. The Moyer Foundation partners with hospices and bereavement organizations in communities across the country to offer free, transformational weekend bereavement camp experiences for young people ages six to 17 who are grieving the death of someone close to them. Camp Erin combines traditional, fun camp activities with grief education and emotional support.

It's not often that so many benefits result from such a joint endeavor. The Santiago Abut Foundation (TSAF) funded these events by providing Hearts of Hope the financial resources to allow the delivery of hearts and painting supplies to all three Camp Erin locations. TSAF provides funding for various Hearts of Hope activities and partnerships in loving memory of Santi Abut, beloved son of the

Abut family.  

In turn, Hearts of Hope provides all necessary supplies and materials for campers to "create hope" by painting and decorating unpainted hearts and preparing messages of caring and compassion that accompany each one.

The true beneficiaries of this goodwill are the youth who

experienced the death of someone close to them and who

are attending Camp Erin. These young people heal from

the help the camps provide and from the tangible

messages of hope they receive with these ceramic hearts.



Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow

of our burden behind us.

~ Samuel Smiles



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In June, the classrooms painted their hearts and worked hard on creating welcoming messages for these future students. Then came the evening of the Kindergarten Meet and Greet on August 23 where these Hearts of Hope were passed out to the incoming Kindergarten students.

What made this night so special was that a group of last year's 6th graders came to the event to help pass out those hearts to the incoming kindergartners to bring the project full circle. The parents of the incoming kindergartners were very touched by this heartfelt gesture! The messages left by those 6th graders were amazing! How wonderful if this tradition would continue at Eli Whitney and serve as an example for other schools who might think about creating such a tradition for their school. 

Note: Thanks to Gwen Cook for providing this story from her blog. You can follow her great Hearts of Hope postings by clicking here.


September's Leadership Spotlight:

Board Member Terry Becker

The Hearts of Hope mission moves forward daily through the efforts of literally hundreds of people around the country. But as with any successful organization, there are those who set the tone and lead the way for everyone. Our foundation is no exception and if it were not for the leadership and examples set by a few, our success would be greatly limited.

This year we've decided to bring the spotlight to some of the individuals at Hearts of Hope who light the way so others may succeed. Board member Terry Becker is first on our Leadership Spotlight.  Here are some of Terry's thoughts on Hearts of Hope and how she became involved.

On leadership:

"I am happy to be in the company of people who are compassionate toward others, and dedicated and devoted to the organization.  Every member of the leadership team is ready to do what is necessary to touch the life of someone who needs hope. As the junior member of the team, I know that I will learn from the skill set that each of our leaders demonstrate.

My mom always says that good things happen when you surround yourself with good people. The proof of that is Hearts of Hope. Good people engaging others to make good things happen.

It is a great time to be a member of the Board of Hearts of Hope.  Our organization is already a success! I get to be a small part of continuing to grow our organization, seek out committed volunteers and provide comfort to people locally, nationally and internationally."

On being part of Hearts of Hope:

"I met Judy (Judy Pedersen, Hearts of Hope Founder) and the program in 2008 just months before my father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  Throughout his treatment and recovery, Hearts of Hope provided me with an outlet and a place to manage my emotions. That came in the form of rolling out clay hearts, painting hearts and delivering hearts.  At the end of an emotional day watching my dad receive chemo, I came home to find a Heart of Hope left at my front door. It was beautifully made, with bright colors and a message that encouraged me to keep hopeful.  From that day forward, I knew I needed to be a part of this amazing organization.

Hearts of Hope reminds me all the time of what our mission in this life should be - helping others.  It's wonderful to work with people who do this and are always looking for ways to reach more people.  Being a part of Hearts of Hope introduces me to people who give of themselves...and then give more.  That's a very humbling experience and one that pushes me to be a better person.

Simply put, I'm very lucky to have found this organization!"

And Hearts of Hope is lucky to have her!

Learn how to double your donation when supporting Hearts of Hope


Thousands of companies, large and small offer matching donation programs for their employees. We have identified a data base of many companies who provide this service and are sharing this list to see if your company is a participant. Even if your company is not on the list, it doesn't mean they don't participate.  If you send us the name of your company, we will determine if they will provide matching funds for any donation you may choose to make to Hearts of Hope. Click here to download the alphabetized data base. If your company does not appear on the list, send us an email at info@ourheartsofhope.org with your company name in the subject line and we'll do the research for you. Or visit Donation Doubling, our web page with all the details.


Know someone who needs an emotional boost? Send hope with one click and in one minute

We all know someone who runs into challenging times and would benefit from an encouraging message of hope and love. Now you can just think of someone in such a situation and with a single click and just a minute of your time, you can send a beautiful and inspiring painted Heart of Hope to that person. You create your own personalized message and one of our volunteers will paint a heart and send it along to your recipient within days.  


Thanks to everyone who supported our Summer of Hope campaign

Our Hearts of Hope campaign ended on a successful note on August 1. As a result, hundreds of Hearts of Hope will be delivered to children later this year who are seriously ill and being treated at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. Hearts of Hope will also donate 10% of all proceeds from the campaign to the hospital's Research Fund. Thank you so much to the individuals and organizations that contributed to our Summer of Hope campaign.  Giving hope to youngsters with serious illnesses is indeed a high calling and we are proud to be a part of this effort.


September 2018 Edition

We're very proud to work with dozens

We're looking to "Partner Up" to better reach those in need

     of companies and community groups, large and small, who share our vision of being a positive force in the sometimes troubled world we live in.

Community outreach is the fuel that keeps our charitable mission moving forward with growing success.  Our volunteers and leadership team are constantly striving to develop partnerships with organizations that believe in the benefit of giving back.

If your business or group shares this philosophy, we want to speak with you to discuss how we can pool our resources and elevate our efforts. Whether you're a group of two or two thousand, together we can make great things happen.

In the last few weeks we've been thrilled to add these organizations as our partners.

• The Sterling House Community

• The Moyer Foundation, Camp Erin

• Beacon Communities, LLC

Click here to submit a brief form describing your interest in a potential partnership with Hearts of Hope or give us a call to learn more at 973.224.6900.