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Healing Art

Art as a therapeutic activity has long been associated with the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being. We hear this from our volunteers with virtually every heart they paint.


Groups of any size gather to "Paint with A Purpose" to paint and decorate small hand-made ceramic hearts and accompany these with their own personal messages of caring and compassion.


Our volunteers express how the act of painting a heart and adding a hand-written card, solely for the purpose of helping a stranger in need, is "therapy for the soul"

Our recipients are surprised and touched in endless meaningful ways. "I can't believe someone I don't even know did this for me." Hearts of Hope become treasured keepsakes that hang at bedsides, in kitchens, and at desks for years and years.

PAINT WITH A PURPOSE - What does this mean?

We live in a world where tragedy and life altering events occur every single day. Hearts of Hope has responded

     • to every major national tragedy or disaster since 9/11

     • to locations facing tragedy in many countries

     • to hospitals, cancer centers, the military…

     • to communities facing the grief of school shootings nationwide

     • and many more

Individuals, Families and Groups "Paint with a Purpose"

     • because they can choose a cause that's personal for them. Many of our               

        volunteers "have been there" facing tragedy and loss. These personal

        experiences inform special causes and intentions

     •  completed Hearts of Hope gifts can be returned to us for safekeeping

         in our HOPE vault to be ready to respond wherever and whenever


Organize Your Own "Paint with A Purpose" Event

Create a "Paint with A Purpose" with your family or group. It's so easy. Order a Hearts of Hope kit online. Everything comes in the box, so just plan to have some paper products on hand. How many hearts will you need in your kit? That's easy too. Plan for each guest to paint two hearts and write two messages during each hour of your event. From there, just invite your group and you're ready to go!

Connect with Us

Stratford Chapter Vice President Gwen Cook takes you inside our organization with her insightful and beautifully photographed look at many of our Hearts of Hope events and happenings.


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