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Hearts of Hope welcomes GlaxoSmithKline to growing list of corporate partners

Touching someone's heart for a mere second can touch their soul for a lifetime.

Hoosier Road Elementary School

sets the bar to Pay Hope Forward



Eighteen of the hundreds of Hoosier Road Elementary School students who learned the wonderful lesson of Paying Hope Forward display the Hearts of hope they created.


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     Hoosier Road Elementary School, located in Fishers, IN, has done something incredible this year. Thanks to the efforts of First Grade Teacher, Traci Gue, every student and teacher has created a Heart of Hope. These treasures will be distributed by each classroom to causes everywhere.

     Traci shared the story of their school's 2018 tragic loss of a beloved teacher and the resulting story of love and compassion.  Through the school's PTO, every teacher received a Heart of Hope as a gift to help soften the tragedy.

     As her class saw the various Hearts of Hope designs and messages, Traci asked if they could paint hearts to give to people who were sad and needing hope.

     Students decided they would like to raise money for the entire 670 student body and what a job they did! Students fundraised, wrote a grant and asked for donations in the community. Traci said "the students loved creating the hearts and we learned how a tragedy in our own lives can lead us to do great things for others by offering love and hope."

     Students are not yet finished with their project but cherished how they are part of something so big and that kids can actually change the world through acts of love and kindness. Hoosier has been sending hope to Nursing Home Senior Buddies, victims of the terrible Alabama tornados and a class of first graders whose classmate had passed away.  

     We will continue to share their great story as future Missions of Hope are completed by the students at Hoosier Road Elementary School.


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     In February, Hearts of Hope Leadership met with leadership in Pittsburgh from Tree of Life Synagogue, area Jewish Community Center and the first responding police headquarters in Pittsburgh. Hundreds of Hearts of Hope were distributed throughout this community to offer caring, encouragement and hope.

     Below is a sample of a beautiful "thank-you" note received:

"Our entire Pittsburgh community is so grateful for your acts of kindness in the wake of tragedy. Thank you so much for reaching out with messages of hope and love. I am a member of Tree of Life Synagogue and will forever treasure the beautiful heart that you have shared, knowing that behind this heart are people who put so much effort into creating these hearts, traveling to deliver them, and meeting with members of affected communities. With gratitude and love, Rosanne"

     Creating Hope, One Heart at a Time. It's what we do.

How do you create H-O-P-E? We think it's through the efforts of those who "Pay Hope Forward" like the amazing young women who serve through the Lenape Valley Girl Scout Service Unit in Sparta, New Jersey. Their recent efforts brought hope to cancer patients at Hackettstown Medical Center in Hackettstown, NJ.

In Memory of

Kathy Stone

The Hearts of Hope Family is grateful and thrilled to accept a check for $750 from the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation to help cover costs of supplies and outreach during the coming year. This is our second year working with them and look forward to their future partnership. Thank you for your generosity.

Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation continues support

     Thanks to the efforts of Board Member Terry Becker, pharmaceutical leader GlaxoSmithKline has provided a tremendous boost to Hearts of Hope activities through a generous $5000.00 corporate grant for 2019. These funds come specifically through the Consumer Healthcare Division of GSK. This grant will allow schools and regional organizations to become involved with Hearts of Hope activities and events.  

     On May 17, the first event in coordination with the GSK grant will take place at East Brook Middle School in Paramus, NJ. The event is called A Day of Service where 150 Hearts of Hope will be painted by students and earmarked for distribution to local charities and good causes in the region.

     We are tremendously grateful to Sandra Cinque, RN, BA, COHN-s/CM, FAAOHN, Nurse Clinical Coordinator at GSK for her contributions in making this important grant possible. Corporate Partnerships like this are a driving force in supporting Hearts of Hope's Mission of Hope across the world.