Whether you have tons of spare time or just an hour or two a week, you can make a difference to people who are suffering and need a small gesture of hope and love.

Make a donation

"Create HOPE" through your generous donation of any amount - large or small. We're all volunteers which means every penny donated goes into funding our programs and that means more HOPE goes into the world - thanks to you!  Click here to donate.

Order a HOPE Kit

Bring the experience of HOPE into your home or group. Order HOPE Kits of any quantity. We make it easy - kits are all inclusive - just open the box and CREATE HOPE! Click here to order.

Organize a "Paint with A Purpose" Event

As above - order any quantity you like. We make this easy too. FOR ALL ORDERS GREATER THAN 100, we'll offer all the support you need to host a fun, creative and meaningful event.  Click here to order.

Leave your Mark - Create a Hearts of HOPE Club at School

Want to leave a legacy of HOPE at your school? Hearts of HOPE Clubs or University Chapters are meaningful ways to make your mark and leave a lasting legacy of HOPE. Click here to request more information.

Become A Corporate Sponsor

OUR PARTNERS ARE THE PILLARS OF OUR ORGANIZATION. Bring Hearts of HOPE to your workplace. You won't believe the impact. Hearts of Hope leadership will make this easy and - wherever possible - we'll send our own volunteers to help run your corporate event. Click here to request more information.

Start Your Own Chapter

Our first Hearts of Hope chapter was formed following the Sandy Hook, CT tragedy. The impact was so powerful, many communities since have followed their inspiring example of bringing HOPE to people in need - far and wide. Yours can too and we're at your service to help bring Hearts of HOPE to your town. Click here to request more information.

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Stratford Chapter Vice President Gwen Cook takes you inside our organization with her insightful and beautifully photographed look at many of our Hearts of Hope events and happenings.