There are many ways for you to help and get involved...

Whether you have tons of spare time or just an hour or two a week, you can volunteer and

make a difference to people who are suffering and need a small gesture of hope and love.

Make a donation

The easiest way to support the efforts of our "Mission of Hope" is to simply make a donation as an individual or with your business, organization or family.  Every dollar donated is used to fund our operating expenses; from the cost of clay to the shipping fees to send the finished hearts and messages of hope to its recipient. Click on the blue button to the right (Where the donations go) if you'd like to see the actual breakdown of how every dollar is distributed to these ends. Recurring donations make the greatest impact on fueling our efforts to create hope.

Purchase a Hearts of Hope Kit

You can also purchase a Single Ceramic Heart Kit for $15.00. We'll send you a blank heart and everything you need to paint it and create a message of hope. Once completed, send it back to us and we will deliver your heart to someone who needs a ray of hope to lift their spirits.

Many people purchase kits of 10 hearts (or more) and create a "paint with a purpose" event of their own with family, friends, business, or organization members.

Organize Your Own "Paint with A Purpose" Event

If you can spare just a few hours a month, you can create a "Paint with A Purpose" event in your local area. We can provide marketing support via social media and other promotional venues. You can partner with a local restaurant, church or places where people get together socially and with purpose.  Participants donate $5.00 to cover costs and everyone has fun and shares in a meaningful purpose.

Create A Hearts of Hope Painting Club

If you or a family member attend a college or university, you can spearhead the creation of a Hearts of Hope Club where students get together, paint ceramic hearts to be distributed to a charitable cause of their choosing. Hearts of Hope will partner with you engage with the university for possible funding and accreditation as a bona fide school activity. Such clubs need not be limited to universities. High schools, civic groups or literally any organization can get involved.

Become A Corporate Sponsor or A Partner in Hope

Hearts of Hope has many corporate sponsors and you can help tremendously by investigating whether your company would be willing to become a sponsor.  As a charitable organization, there are many benefits to partner with us at the corporate level and we can help you provide all the necessary information to make it happen.

Start Your Own Chapter

One of the most significant contributions a volunteer can make is to start yourt own Hearts of Hope Chapter in your area. If you are looking for an ongoing involvement and substantial time investment, starting your own chapter could become one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do.  Please visit our Chapter page to learn more about what's involved in this amazing activity.

Thank you for reading some of the ways you can get involved with Hearts of Hope. If you have any interest in any of these activities please call us at 973.224.6900 or email info@ourheartsofhope.org so we can communicate with you directly.

To contact Hearts of Hope, please email: info@ourheartsofhope.org or call 973-224-6900


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