Starting a new chapter is easy, rewarding, and fun– and we are here to help!

Our Mission is Simple

Our volunteers nationwide are “creating hope…one heart at a time.”  Through the creation of these tiny treasures, we are spreading hope to hospitals, cancer centers, schools, men and women in the military, and to communities nationwide impacted by hardship.

“I want very much to thank you for your Heart of Hope. It was a very special thing you did and is much appreciated.  It is so simple, but so very beautiful. It has given me a tear and a big smile as well. I want you to know you have touched me.” ~ Pam, Newtown CT

What do Hearts of Hope Chapters do?

We “Pay it Forward” in three ways:

1. Host Monthly “Paint with a Purpose” Parties

Monthly painting parties are fun, meaningful community events. When complete, hand-painted hearts, accompanied by personalized message cards, are delivered to hospitals, cancer centers, and communities. Parties are fundraisers that finance chapter activities.

2. Support Local Communities and Organizations Worldwide

Net proceeds raised during each monthly “Paint with a Purpose” event subsidize the creation of future Hearts of Hope which will be delivered for the benefit of your chapter's philanthropy of choice!

3. Have Fun for a Great Cause!

Monthly “Paint with a Purpose” painting events bring people together.  Painting is relaxing, purposeful, and fun. This meaningful activity is perfect for children and adults.

Hearts of Hope is a nationwide group of volunteers.

Together, we create and distribute beautiful keepsake hearts. These healing gifts, each with handwritten messages of hope, are given to people in need everywhere!

Hearts of Hope Chapters follow the Hearts of Hope Model

Our Hearts of Hope studio will provide:

• Supplies (unpainted ceramic hearts, bubble bags, ribbons, message cards, and gift bags)

Training and On-going Operational Support

• Social Media Support

The unique part of a Hearts of Hope Chapter is its ability to send hearts and

donate these to the charities of its choice

From there, the sky is the limit!

Your chapter will choose each month's: Theme, Purpose and Philanthropy       

The Team's the Thing!

Leadership Teams serve for two years:

• Chapter President – oversees everything and is the public face of the chapter

Vice President - works closely as second in command in support of the Chapter President - can stand in whenever needed

Chapter Treasurer – tracks all financial activities, records meeting statistics such as number of hearts painted, donations

    collected, etc.

Chapter  Publicity/Social Media – responsible for announcements, newsletters, and social media posts

Sub-Committees (if the chapter chooses any)

• Fundraising Sub-Committee

• Sponsorship  Sub-Committee

• Volunteer  Recruitment Sub-Committee

Hearts of Hope Monthly Painting Parties

Hearts of Hope “Paint with a Purpose” painting events are held once a month. Typically held weekday evenings or Saturdays, each party is 1-2 hours long.

Chapter Leadership Team:

• Updates attendees about chapter activities

• Updates attendees about corporate HoH activities

• Meets and greets neighbors and friends

• Makes announcements

• Solicits ideas for future themes and philanthropy

Volunteers are recruited each month to:

• Set up before “Paint with a Purpose” event

• Clean up following each event

Hosting a Hearts of Hope Party is Easy – and Fun!

Your Chapter decides


Is your Hearts of Hope event in March? You may want a theme of good luck and shamrocks. How about October? Sounds like a good month for costumes and pumpkins.

• Purpose

Who do you want to paint hearts and create hope for this month?  Your tiny treasures will be delivered next month.  For example, want hearts for the military?  Paint them in September and deliver them in November in time for Veterans Day.


What charities does your chapter support?  Create a calendar to display at each month's event.  People will plan their attendance based on this.  They will also use this to work on their painting designs ahead of time - this adds to the fun of each event!

Hearts of Hope Painting Party Details


This is a set date and occurs each month; i.e., the second Tuesday of every month.


You set this to occur every month; i.e., from 6:00pm 'til 8:00pm.


Find a great place that has space to donate once a month for this great cause

Your Supplies – What You'll Need & How to Get Them

Step One:

How many hearts will you need?  We will help you determine this.  Order supplies such as unpainted hearts, bubble bags, ribbons, and gift bags from our studio.  Lead time is two weeks.

Step Two:

You provide paper cups, small paper plates, and paper towels.  Your volunteers can help supply these.

Step Three:

Create and print log sheets for your event (provided).

Hosting a Hearts of Hope Monthly Painting Party

Get the Word Out


You will build your list – and we will help

E-vites are great

We like Eventbrite or Constant Contact – we'll help you set up your format for each month's Hearts of Hope Painting Party.

Social Media - Facebook and Instagram

We will help you set up your Chapter's social media - post and ask people to “Share” the Hope!

• Local Newspaper Community Event Announcements

Local  Television Community Event Announcements

Invite local media representatives to join your next event who will spread the word about your chapter's activities

Party Planning: It's as Easy as 1-2-3


Advertise your event - date, time, philanthropy cause - via social media, email blasts, and all other available media outlets. Ask you volunteers to register so that you can plan your supplies given the anticipated number of attendees.


Order supplies from the physical Hearts of Hope studio; i.e., unpainted hearts, ribbons, small bubble bags, and gift bags

Thank You!

As you begin forming your new chapter, please let all of us from your caring team at Hearts of Hope thank you. We are here to help make your chapter a success!

Enjoy the feeling you will have from each and every one of your efforts.  You and all who help with your chapter will reap benefits you never expected.

What we do means the world to those we serve and, together, we truly do “create hope…one heart at a time.”


© 2019 Hearts of Hope Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  Our Federal Tax Exempt Number is EIN 20-3666775

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