Donation Doubling: Learn if Your Employer

Matches Charitable Donations

Hearts of Hope has access to a data base of companies who match charitable donations by their employees. If your company is on the list and you make a donation to our charitable foundation, we'll do the paperwork for you to double your donation.

Step 1. Click here to download the alphabetized Corporate Matching Fund data base.

Step 2.  If your company was on the list,complete the form below and submit. We will process your donation and contact your company for the matching funds.  All transactions are secure and tax deductible. All information is confidential.  You can choose to receive a receipt via email you can use for your tax records.

Step 3. If your company was NOT on the Corporate Matching Fund data base, it doesn't mean they don't match funds. Send us an email with your employer's name and we'll double check to see if they actually participate or don't in a matching donation program.