For people who need a ray of hope, our hearts are there.

Bringing hope to someone in need is more than a gesture of compassion and love. At Hearts of Hope, our volunteers share in the joy of giving and the comraderie of a meaningful shared mission. Recipients are inspired by the fact there are people who care enough to send messages of hope and strength in their time of trouble. We've sent over 92,000  Hearts of Hope to individuals or groups suffering from illness or loss, to our veterans and first responders who show courage and bravery to protect and serve and to anyone who needs a spiritual lift in the face of very difficult times. We invite you to join our mission and experience

something extraordinuary.


We're launching our first Hearts of Hope campaign of the year with a goal of distributing 500 Hearts of Hope to children who are patients at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, one of the leading research hospitals in the nation. We are also donating $1.00 for every heart ordered for research at the hospital. Purchase one Heart of Hope Kit for $10.00 now and you'll help us reach our goal.  Your purchase is tax deductible. Tell your friends, business co-workers and family to help us reach

our goal before August 1.


Send us the name and address of someone who is seriously ill or who needs  a gesture of love and kindness. We will send them a Heart of Hope because it's what we do. A donation of $10.00 to cover costs would be appreciated but not required.

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Do you know someone who needs a Heart of Hope?